MUSTOOL MT109 Portable 9999 Counts True RMS Multimeter – $16.88

MUSTOOL MT109 Portable 9999 Counts True RMS Multimeter AC DC Voltage Current NCV Temperature Tester Auto Range Backlight and Flashlight With Black EBTN Screen

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Price: $16.88

Shipping from: China

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The second product launched by MUSTOOL team in this summer!
Upgraded to more powerful than MT108
● HD black EBTN screen!
● Integration design inside and out!
● 9999 counts high precision measurement!


The 9999counts is a pocket-sized 3 9/10-bit automatic digital instrument. It has the features of stable performance, high precision, high reliability ,clear readings, and overload protection . With AAA 1.5V battery-driven,the instrument uses a large-screen LCD display,boost power supply, even in the 2.3V low battery edge, it can guarantee the backlight high brightness, It is easy to carry, is a vast number of users extremely like the instrument. This series of instruments can be used to measure the DC voltage and AC voltage DC current and AC current, resistance, capacitance diode,continuity test, frequency measurement and true RMS measurement and other parameters. It is an ideal tool for the laboratory, factory, radio enthusiasts and families.


1. True RMS
2. NCV
3. Auto range
4. 9999 Counts display
5. Black EBTN screen

6.Main measurements: DC/AC/Resistance/Continuity/Diode/Capacitance/Frequency/Temperature
9.Data Hold
10. Auto power off
11. Full unit symbol
12. Max/Min function
13. Relative value measurement


Display: Black EBTN screen
Maximum display: 9999 (3 9/10) bits automatic polarity display
Measurement: double integral A / D conversion
Sampling rate: about 3 times per second
Overrange display: the most significant bit was “0L”
Low voltage display: Yes
Working environment: (0~40)℃,relative humidity<80%
Power supply: 2 x AAA 1.5V battery(not included)
Volume (size): 142×70×32mm(L×W×H)

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