Aliexpress Coupon Codes

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Click HERE to grab coupon code: -$5/$25

Click HERE to grab coupon code: -$8/$50

Click HERE to grab coupon code: -$5/$25

Click HERE to grac coupon code: -$30/$300

Coupon Code for -10$/$100 - LUCKY9

Coupon Code for -$9/$65 - ALIVERSARY19

Coupon Code for -6$/$7 for new accounts - NEW0328

Coupon Code for -$5/$50 - SAVE5



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Q&A about ALIEXPRESS SINGLE DAY PROMOTION   Q1.  When will Double 11 Event start? Warm up period will be from Oct 28th 6am to Nov 10th 4:59am PST; Singes Day SALE is from Nov 10th 5am to Nov 12th 4:59am; Coupons will be available since Oct 28th.   Q2.  What kind of coupons they provide for us?   There are three kinds of Aliexpress coupons, they are AliExpress Coupons, Selected Coupons, Store coupons (Seller Coupons)   AliExpress Coupons This is the most exciting one, you can get $5 off immediately on any of your $25 purchase or more. This coupon is only available during big promotion, so make sure you grab some!   Selected Coupons This one is not as powerful as AliExpress Coupon BUT it can still save you some money. After you've filled your cart and you're ready to pay, the price of eligible items on your Order Confirmation will be automatically discounted with Select Coupons. Select Coupons can only be redeemed if the minimum purchase requirements are met, and the store is currently accepting Select Coupons.   Seller Coupons This coupon is offered by individual sellers, and they can only be applied it to specific products in a store. You can get this coupon directly on the product page.   Q3.  How to get those coupons? These are the main sections where you can collect coupons: Q4.  Is there any other ways to save money? Yes, here’s one more secret: If you are the 1st, 11th, 111, 1111, or even 11111, 111111 customer making an order throughout Nov. 11th, you can get a big coupon worth $1111!   Q5.  What is it all about the special attribution during Singles Day Promotion?  
  • Purchase will be attributed to the first click that brings users to action (Get Coupon or Add-to-Cart)
  • Coupon Attribution>Add-to-Cart>Normal Last-Click Attribution
  • The special attribution only applies to the purchases within the 48-hour promotion.
  Q6.  How to get the most benefit out of the special attribution method as a publisher?  
  • Encourage users to get coupons and add to cart during warm-up period as much as possible, especially coupons as Coupon Attribution has higher priority than Add to Cart Attribution.
  • Remind users to go back to apply coupons to make purchase during the Single Day Promotion time so the commission can be really attributed to you.
  • Heads up! For cashback publishers, you wont get commission when: A user clicks on your ads right before making purchase, and he applies the coupon that he got by clicking on other publisher’s tracking url, this order will ONLY be attributed to the publisher who redirects him to that coupon.